Practical-livestream “How to rewire and rewrite beliefs, identity, fears and doubts in your system, in your body”. Nadezhda Isaenko

12 min


How to REWIRE beliefs, identity, fears and doubts in your system, IN YOUR BODY

Have you noticed that your identity, who you feel you are, how the world sees you, what you are worth, your dreams and your doubts etc is scripted in your body. As if you have a grid.

I’ll explain.

For example you have this big dream: a certain job or profession, income goal, relationship, a vacation or a lifestyle… 

Or you are working on a project or planning to do something.. 

and when you dream, think about it or say it outloud and you have some tension in your body.

Or you have a thought that contradicts it comes up. Or an emotion. Devaluation or doubt or discouragement. Fear. Self-criticism.

Maybe you don’t notice – but all of it resonates also in your body. Like a tension or a cramp, numbness or void, heat or cold.

And what neurons fire together – wire together.

You become conditioned.

And it becomes your identity, your habit, your mood, etc.

In this video I’m going to teach you now a small technique to help rewire it.

If you want more:

Over the period of 10 years that I’ve been a therapist I learned and created lots of ways to help oneself unstuck and free up from old ways of being & doing.

One of them I’m going to be teaching 24.11-01.12 in a week long masterclass with lives, zoom call and awesome tools to practice with yourself and others (ex. your clients). 45$ or 3000 rub (scholarship available).

Another is in the Inner Freedom and Passion online course which deals with inner criticism, perfectionism, self-doubt, guilt, anger, shame, procrastination etc.

And we can work with you 1 on 1.

DM me, let’s chat. 

Don’t worry – I’m not going to persuade you into anything, I’ll answer your questions, maybe share tips designed specifically for you. And we’ll just figure out what works best for you.

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