Practical Workshop: “Embodying alignment and befriending your inner critic”. Nadezhda Isaenko

1 hour

Ton of value here

Had a blast giving this workshop!


We are what we practice.

The way we feel ourselves in our bodies influences our brain chemistry and therefore thoughts, emotions, actions. And vise versa.

When we feel in alignment we can move mountains and everything falls into place: relationships, money, work, hobbies, pleasure.

Sometimes the sneaky voice of our Inner critic can hold us back and create insecurity, conflict, procrastination, anxiety, etc.

And we try to fight it.

But actually befriending it is the way to success and happiness.

In this workshop I’ll share the tools to practice alignment in everyday life and the outline of the Inner critic work. We’ll make the first and vital step of befriending it together!


We invite you:

– to be in a space where you won’t be disturbed and will feel comfortable with closed eyes,

– to have something to write down your experience,

– have some drinking water,

– if you like drawing/painting you can have the materials with you to express your experience.


If you have a history with mental illness, we recommend that you don’t join us. We believe it’s safer for you to explore this subject in a one-on-one setting with a psychotherapist. 


Nadia Isaenko (MA in Psychology) is a therapist, embodiment coach and facilitator of processes for Ego-Self relationships transformation. She helps people tap into wholeness and alignment in all spheres of their being.

“My passion is to to accompany the inner quest of the person, to catalyse and help bring nourishment.

I lead a private practice as a psychologist and body-oriented coach since 2011. Since the beginning I’ve been interested in fusing the wisdom of East and West, indigenous and modern. I explore myself, learn a lot from masters, relationships, my clients.

I love creating effective methods to help people grow their inner-authority and expand in authentic expression, connected to source, creating more fulfilling self-realisation, relationships, work, lifestiles.”

She is certified in different psychological approaches like processes work, body-oriented, transpersonal, existential, positive, compassion focused psychotherapy, EMDR, IFS, embodiment coaching, somatics and movement practices.

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