Sasha Bezrodnova’s workshops and events 2024

All this work is about getting deeper into the origins of movement
and the living in love with your Body, Nature, and Other Beings.

Thank you, and see you!!!


Sasha Bezrodnova’s workshops and events 2024

1)  ECO SOMA Water & Land Retreat in the lagoons of Lençois Maranhenses, Brazil
September – October’24

For registration contact via email: Julio Lage 

2) OCEAN DANCE Shallow Water Retreat in Cirali (Russian-speaking group)
2-8 September
For registration contact the team:

3) OCEAN DANCE Intensive Retreat, Turkey

12-24 September

29 September – 7 October’24
29-3 Ocean dance workshop with accommodation in the hotel, 3-7 boat trip with the dolphins
For info and registration contact Alex Fedorov: WhatsApp +380 96 187 7150

5) OCEAN DANCE, Ocean Touch, Bali
For info and registration contact Natalia Ivanova: WhatsApp +34 605 81 37 51



If you want to learn more about any of these events (not all of them have a web page yet), or you need any help to plan your journey, please let me know by asking a question on Instagram @theoceandance and my team will inform you asap! 

If you won’t come to these particular events, but want to be informed about further Ocean Dance events, you can leave your contact here (it is safe): 

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