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1) Avoid hypothermia. Wear a long sleeve lycra t-shirt and lycra pants if needed.

2) Remember, that most of the sun creams are not friendly for the environment. Use a hat, lycra clothes or any other kind of comfortable clothes, or avoid working under a strong sun. 

3) Take care of your EARS before and after having a long work in water.

BEFORE: It is highly recommended to remove the earwax trombs at least a week before you start a long sequence of water activities. You can ask a doctor to do it, or use a kind of “Remowax”, or oxygen peroxide. After you clean your ears, put a drop of oil to protect it (olive, almond, avocado oil).

DURING: cover your ears with a band, if you are working in places with strong or cool wind.

1) Rinse your ears with potable water after you exit from the water sessions, especially if you do it in the salty (sea) water. Because the salt accumulates humidity, it can create environment for undesired bacteria, or bring overcooling if you are in a windy place.

2) Cover your ears with a hat, scarf or a buff after you exit from water, to protect it from drying with wind.
3) If it takes a long time to dry your inner ears, you can help it with 3-4 drops of boric alcohol into each ear, and then cover it with a piece of cotton until it dries. The alcohol will make the water evaporate, and it will also work as antiseptic. Don’t touch the ear with a pipette when putting drops, to avoid transferring bacteria from one ear to another and from person to person.

4) Don’t go deep if you don’t know how to equalize, and don’t go deep, if for any reason equalization doesn’t work well for you today. 
Make sure that this electronic device that you are using for the course, will not get into water.

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